Rare Disease Day

28 Feb Hannah Cockroft Arnabh.jpg

Today is Rare Disease Day. Many children with rare diseases are treated in the Children's High Dependency Unit (CHDU), which provides more intensive observation, treatment and nursing care than is possible in the general children's wards. Some children, including little Arnabh, can spend months there. Due to the severity of his condition, and the bulky equipment he needed, Arnabh and his parents weren't able to go out. So we approached Bugaboo, who donated a buggy with side carrier that fitted his complex equipment, allowing Arnabh to visit the park, zoo and Science Museum! We've also funded parent chair beds for CHDU, and a 'bee chair' that allows children with complex needs to take part in play sessions. With your generous support, we can continue to help CHDU and children like Arnabh, thank you!